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  • Introduction

    PREMIER FURNITURE is now in this market for over 25 years. Partnering the ‘Shared Vision’ with the corporate sector for the overall improvement of office work environment is the core of our operation strategy. The world standards require environment that matches company branding and the furniture that is practical and current in design & material and PREMIER is one of the supplier which provides complete consultancy and exposure of world class High Quality Furniture and Interior Products.

  • The Market

    Setting up an efficient workplace, is the basic need of any business. It is an incessant demand, in the expanding Pakistan economy. With the growth of corporate culture, call for better ergonomic designs has increasing. More standardization and reliable suppliers are needed to cater to this trend. The products have a consumable life and need replacement and upgradation periodically. It also has a niche market for renovation & refurbishing during life cycle.

  • Furniture & Interior

    With multinational companies setting the trend for better space management and reflecting corporate image by having their offices and business places done by professionals and interior designers, a value added segment of designer services exists alongside traditional/standard business furniture products.

  • Materials & Finishes

    New materials & finishes also have an elastic effect
    on the market. Additional items and replacements supplement the traditional market. There also has been a gradual expansion in the form of new business centers coming up in all major cities, creating business opportunities and natural business growth of the furniture/interior industry.

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Table & Workstation Series
Executive Series
Leisure Series
Executive Chair Series
Cafeteria & Outdoor Series
Task Chair Series
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It's amazing what can be accomplished in 144 hours.

Get your inquiry on Fast Track.

Process 144 is a step by step procedure to ensure our customers get the best quality products & services. This is also to ensure that our customers can picturize their office setup before they spend their money.

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S.E.S (Space Efficient Setup)

S.A.M Standard

Base Station-a short-range transceiver which connects to a central hub and allows connection to a network. Base stations are company-specific. However, a single site may host multiple base stations.

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When design is minimal.

Office furniture is no longer a never-changing tool. To meet the change of human awareness on and pursuit for working environment and office space, office furniture has palyed a very important role.

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Elegant & neat with taste of modern office life.

It demonstrate and creates a working environment.

The space of the floors is expanded and saved, it creates a personalized working area & keeps office elegant and sophisticated.

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The new focal point for SOHO, comfortable & inviting.

Free & easy, clever combination of office space.

SOHO fashion, as a kind of relaxing lifestyle, brings work into life. Such combination of family and work gradually wins popularity among the young. Thus, it is of great importance to prepare a suitable family office.

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The standardiztion of staff office space.

The free match between hydroulic tables & fixed tables.

It is the most conventional and the most space-saving design of office space, while reunification the working stations. It can also give full play to the spirit of cooperation between the teams and enhance efficiency.

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Local product for remote ordering.

Apt Series- the theme could not be more appropriate. Offering high quality and durable furniture. Ex-stock availability.

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1st choice of customers.

Local product for remote ordering.

Welcome to the family of customers of top chair brands of Pakistan. Join the successful business that make CHAIREX their 1st choice.

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Focus on design

Modern & designer life style for everyone.

Welcome to the family of customers of top chair brands of Pakistan. Join the successful business that make CHAIREX their 1st choice.

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Our Services
  • Consulting services

    Transforming business outlook through world class furniture & interior products

    Services and Expertise:
    With over 25 years experience, we provide advisory services and expertise so that our clients keep control of their projects, can customize, and keep ownership of their assets. We offer a range of cost effective solutions tailored to each client’s need.

  • Systems integration

    Delivering seamless business interior solutions

    Value-added Solutions:
    We have a strong portfolio of Product Integration offerings to provide value-added solutions for clients. Combined with operational excellence, it converts into a source of better growth and profitability for the company. Our business model integrates quality, scalability, predictability and flexibility at reasonable price points.

  • Managed services

    Transforming client needs into real business facility setup

    Managed Services:
    As the leader in Managed Services, we are one of the few companies that can provide all the “design, build and operate” elements of a complete office setup solution.

  • High-tech transactional services

    Advancing business strategy through innovative interior solutions

    Efficiency and Sustainability:
    Through our WDI (Worldline Design Integration), we are a country leader in ‘solution services’. With the WDI, we focus on offering smart interior solutions around design, production, delivery, and installation, to enable work efficiency and sustainability, while improving operational performance.

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Responsible for acting as a liaison between customers and companies. Assists with complaints, orders, errors, account questions, billing, cancelations, and other queries.
Responsible for designing and creating an office environment.
Social Media Marketeer
A person must have a good knowledge of what type of content works best on what platform, optimizing content accordingly, as well as understanding the different nuances of each platform.
Content Writer
Ensuring all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience for all channels of content including online, social media, email, etc.
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